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MommaHarvey July 6th, 2014 05:59 PM

Sebastian's birth story
Sebastian Elliott Harvey was born June 24th at 7:54pm. Weight 6 lbs 13 oz. Length 19.5 in.

So it goes like this. I was at work on Tues the 24th. I had just gone to the bathroom, and was washing my hands when it felt like I peed myself. I sat back down to check and it was a lot on milky looking discharge. I really couldn't tell if my water had broken just a little and was leaking or if it was just regular discharge. I told one of the ladies at work what had happened and she told me I needed to call my OB because it sounded like my water. I really didn't want to call because I had a c-section scheduled for that coming Saturday and I really wanted my OB to deliver, so I called hubby because he will usually talk me out of taking any of us to the Dr for just about anything. But he wanted me to call too. So I called my OB's office and they said if I could come in at 1:00pm he would see me right after lunch. It was around 11:30 at that time so I agreed.

When I got to the OB's office they did the test strip for amniotic fluid and it was negative. He did an internal check and my cervix was still closed, but when he measured my belly my uterus measured an inch smaller than the week before. That got me sent for an ultrasound, which showed that my fluid was low. So that won me a seat at the fetal monitor. I was hooked up on that for about half an hour, and they determined that I was having contractions and that baby's heart rate was dropping during a contraction. Of course all this combined had them convinced that it would be safer to go ahead and deliver that day instead of waiting until Saturday. I was told I could go home and pack a bag, and get my boys together, but not to waste a bunch of time. All in all I left my OB's around 4pm, called my mom as I was leaving to meet me at my house, called my hubby to start packing, and made it to the hospital by 5pm.

My c-section got scheduled for 7:30 because anesthesia wanted to wait until they were sure no food was left on my stomach, and I had eaten at 10:30am. I was hooked up in a labor room, got my IV, signed all the consent forms, and talked to the nurse anesthetist. We then walked into the OR, and I got my spinal block there on the table. While they were prepping me, and the nurse anesthetist was checking to make sure I was fully numb they found out that the spinal didn't fully take. She kept asking if I could feel what she was doing on my stomach, like could I feel the cold from the alcohol wipes? I was pretty numb, but thought I felt some of the things she was asking about, but didn't know if it's because I felt them or because I could see what she was doing. She did mention that if I could feel it that I would be going to sleep. They went about prepping and draping me, and when the drape was put in place I noticed that I felt something sharp feeling around my belly button so I asked what they were doing. That is when the decision was made that I would be sleeping through the delivery. What I was feeling was them cleaning out the inside of my belly button with the long q-tip thing. The next thing I heard was the anesthesiologist being paged, and he must have been prepared for the call because he was right there as soon as the page was finished. He was holding a mask over my face, but not putting it on yet. I was asked to stat my full name and what procedure I was having done. Once I did that he took my oxygen off and put the mask on. I remember nothing after that.

I woke up in recovery, hubby had Sebastian there with him. He said that withing 20 mins of being told that I was being put to sleep, and that he couldn't go back there with me, the nurses brought Sebastian out to him while they finished with me. He also said that I was gone for about another hour after he got Sebastian, and that I was awake when they wheeled me in to recovery. I don't remember any of that, and from what I am told I was in recovery for an hour before I can remember anything. There was a very sweet nurse, who I don't remember, but she stayed with me during the whole recovery time, and even took a few pics on her phone of Sebastian on the scale and emailed them to hubby.

The rest of our hospital stay was pretty normal and we went home on Thurs evening.

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