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May 12th, 2010, 03:42 PM
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I didn't really worry much about ds1 when I was pg with dd. I had prayed SO much that I'd labor while he was asleep that I believed wholeheartedly that it would happen, and it did. We woke him up a few minutes after she was born. And after the first few days he really didn't pay much attention to her until she started getting into his toys. Now they're best friends and so cute!

I didn't really worry about dd with ds2 either. She did great during the hard part of labor, much to my surprise. I'd hoped she'd be asleep, but I didn't really ask God for it, and it was daytime when he was born. She did take a nap while labor was getting really hard before dh got home from work, so that was a relief. She did great with him after birth and hasn't ever really been jealous. None of the "middle child" stuff with her.

Ds2 I AM worried about. He'll be 11mo younger than ds1 was, and 4mo younger than dd was, and those months I think are going to make a difference. Plus, he gets REALLY upset when either of the big kids sit on my lap, or sometimes even when Daddy hugs me. He MUST be the center of Mommy's attention, or else! So I AM praying that he'll be asleep. Ds1 has decided he wants to be awake but in the other room for the birth, and dd wants to be RIGHT there for it. So I guess that's where we're at. I am really worried about how ds2 will react to not being the baby anymore, but I do babywear nearly constantly, so the baby is going to continue to be more of a bump in my lap than anything for the first few months after birth. By the time s/he is 6mo and starting to play a lot, I think ds2 will be old enough to be ok with it.

I don't know if it HAS helped, but I like to think that continued nursing during the pregnancy and after has maintained a special time for the older sibling and helped with the transition. Dd's last day to nurse is tomorrow, but the one time a day she nurses is the one time a day that ds2 LIKES to have her near me because they tandem and he just feels SO special. Not sure how he'll feel when he's the older one getting the privilege (rather than the right) of nursing.
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