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May 12th, 2010, 06:38 PM
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With my last homebirth, I was in early labor during the day but the girls were pretty unaware... hard labor started after they were in bed, and Kate was born around 2am. The girls slept through the whole thing.

This time, I am not too worried about my older two girls... Lily will be 6 in July and Julia will be 4 in July. I think they will be okay... if things become too much for them, I know they will separate themselves from whats going on... they can say that they want to leave or go somewhere else...

I am worried about Kate though, she's 2 now. She is pretty clingy to me, and I'm kind of worried how she will react to the birth. Part of me is kinda hoping and praying I deliver at night again... but then part of me wants to have the baby in the early evening, so that afterwards everyone can get some rest. That was one of the downfalls of Kate being born at 2am... by the time we got all cleaned up and settled, it was 5am and then Julia woke up at 6am for the day. It made for a long day....

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