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May 13th, 2010, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by bre4thewin View Post
toying with the idea of my mom taking her to a hotel while the baby is being born...wdyt?
That's kind of my plan. As long as this baby stays in until my mom gets here on the 21st (my edd is the 25th) she will kind of hang out with the kids in the other room but if they want to leave or I need them to leave then she will go to the park or if it's at night to her hotel. If the baby comes early then I will have my MIL take the kids. That is if it's during the day and they need to be taken out. If it's at night then we will just let it be. I don't want my MIL to be there for the birth... she is just too antsy for me... plus that wouldn't be good for the kids anyway if she's antsy during the labor.

After the birth, I am kind of nervous about my DS who is 2.5yo. But he is in a "daddy" phase. So I am hoping that helps him through the transition. My DD is 8, so she is nothing but excited. It won't be a problem for her until this baby gets old enough to bug her! If DS is having some issues then we will deal with it then. But so far he is really quite cute about the baby. He always lifts my shift and gives Baby Kate a kiss goodnight or includes her when talking about the family. I am not convinced he really understands how she is going to change his world but so far so good!

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