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June 7th, 2006, 03:19 PM
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I really like Aubrie...I think it's really cute...prefer it spelled Aubrey. LOVE Ellisyn...this was on my list...prefer it spelled Ellasyn. However I don't like that she would be called Elyse. Why not just name her Elyse?

Kendall is cute...and I LOVE Irelyn...prefer it speleld Ireland. But again...if you're going to call her Ireland...why not just name her that?[/b]

no no! Elyse was a second option for the middle name

Aubrie Ellisyn or Aubrie Elyse.... and not sure if we prefer Kendall Irelyn or Kendall Ireland....sorry for the confusion!
AHH sorry I totally read that sorry.

Okay start over. I like both names a lot. I prefer Aubrie Ellisyn and Kendall Ireland.
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