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May 14th, 2010, 06:23 PM
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Name: Kelly

DC name: Noelle

Type of birth: Pitocin with epi, vaginal delivery... was working towards an NCB

Why are you "here": I am here in hopes that talking about my birth experience would help me heal... I had been preparing from the day I found out I was pregnant, that I was going to have an NCB. I didn't take a single medication during pregnancy and figured no need to for birth. I had switched from an OB who thought of pregnancy and birth as a disease to a MW that I found out the day my water she was actually a MEDwife... I ended up on Pitocin but went for almost 14 hours without meds and finally after an hour of deciding, got the epidural. I had been threatened 4 times by my OB that I would end up in a c-section and had stalled at 4 cms for about 10hrs or so... To this day consenting to the epidural was the hardest decision I had to make so far as a mother... I cried during the procedure and up to the moment I had to push.. feeling like I failed my child and my body failed me... I need to heal and no IRL understands my pain, sadness, guilt, and so on...

One POSITIVE experience about your birth:
I got to have a vaginal delivery with a healthy baby...
*9 weeks * 4/11/13
*5 weeks * 6/22/13
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