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May 15th, 2010, 12:12 AM
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Tracy (my midwife) hasn't talked to me about what she'll do if Amber is still breech actually. She just told me not to worry about her being breech until 36 weeks. And now I can't find her head, though I sorta think it is still in my side, just not in a place I can get to it easily. So on Thursday when I go to the appointment Tracy'll tell me what she thinks.

My friend who's trying to decide if she wants to go VBAC or not did not heal well from the last c-section. She was unhappy with the whole thing, but Idk what I'd recommend to her. I feel like VBAC goes better for some people than others. Like this is a weird thing for me to say, cuz when people say these kind of things I always think they're being a little feel free to think I'm weird, but I can normally guess who's going to end up with a c-section before they've ever had a baby, I'm not 100% right, but I'm right more often than not on this one, it is like my version of a 6th sense. And my friend screams c-section to me...I sorta think she shouldn't go for the VBAC...

With you not having the ability to try for VBAC, at least you know a couple good things. #1) It won't end in a c-section even after a long labor. #2) It won't be an emergency c-section. (Well, most likely it won't be...I'm gunna assume you know it won't be cuz I'm cool like that.) #3) You don't have to be pregnant as long. I guess there is still a chance you could go into labor before that and then that'd throw a wrench in it, but probably your safe. And of course knowing when makes it easier for traveling dh!

Were there concerns about your placenta earlier in the pregnancy? Like its location I mean? I'm not having another ultrasound that I know of, so I'm just interested in what made them look.

I'm slightly envious of you knowing you'll be done on the 10th. You'll be home holding your newborn as my patience runs out completely and I go mad! And believe me, supposing you can still find time to post in here every now and then, you'll see me posting back that I've gone nuts and want to have her so bad!

You'll need your mom after this c-section. It is one thing to carry a baby after an operation, a different to carry a 2 year old though. I can't imagine...I don't want to think about it, I'm just trying to stay positive and assume I'm still having a vaginal delivery. I'm trying not to think much ahead right now. I'm currently only trying to get to Sunday when I officially have a month til my due date, you are already under a month til her little old birthday!

I've had very little swelling overall in my other 3 pregnancies, not none, but not much. I'm still not having it like some women get it, but I'm having more than I would like, I just realized I was feeling uncomfortable and took off my wedding ring a couple moments ago...*sigh*...

Now I understand the danger of the placenta being too low with the birth, but is their a danger in it just being low before the birth? (from what your doc said)

I bet Jordan will behave and stay put til the 10th, that is still a week before your due date, and you don't have a history of early births, so she'll probably cooperate (not for 100%, but probably...).

I've got class all day tomorrow, it is an awful class, but I won't be on as much this weekend as I normally am because of it...*boo*...hope you and your dh are having fun.

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