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May 16th, 2010, 06:54 PM
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Name: Chelsea

DC name: Brylie Ann

Type of birth: emergency induction for HELLP disease and choleostasis, pain medication free. 19 hours on Pitocin (30 hours of induction total). Several c-section scares (crazy low decels..into the 30's, 40's or 50's)...i was just about to get stadol about 10 seconds before i started pushing because i was physically and emotionally exhausted from hours and hours of 1 min apart, 60-90 second long back labor contractions...but thankfully brylie decided it was go time

Why are you "here": my induction was out of nowhere. I was induced on friday, and the tuesday prior to that at my 37w appt my midwife was PUMPED about how great everything was - i had previously been put on strict bedrest, and that was lightened to "moderate bedrest" (pre-e) and then friday I went in for an nst and said I had a headache, got sent to L&D for bloodwork (no one thinking much of anything) and pretty much was told if I didn't have the baby (by a midwife with a very low induction rate, definitely not a medwife) i was going to i had the baby...but im pretty traumatized by it all

One POSITIVE experience about your birth: the midwife i desperately wanted to catch my baby just happened to be on call. Had i got into spontaneous labor, she wouldn't have been there because the tuesday after bry's birth (she was born on a saturday) heather (MW) was going out of town for 3 weeks and when she came back she was training a midwifery student in clinic and would not be on call..she also was only on call because the midwife who was supposed to be on call fell off her bicycle (or actually MW heather pushed her ) and dislocated her shoulder...heather has the lowest induction and c-section rate of the 5 MW i saw, and she and i got very close during my the point where we still talk on FB and she has already said she will come in and be my MW for all my births if she isn't on call

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