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May 17th, 2010, 06:38 PM
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The shower did go well. I had a horrible headache, but it went as expected. Ends up that my daughter was the only child there. DH's mom's side of the family was all there, but only 1 of his three sisters (who are all local) showed up, so that was a bit disappointing. One of the missing sisters gifted me a large bag of very evidently used baby clothes and an open package of diapers, so that would have to classify as my most intersting gift. We got a ton of clothes, and really litte else. So this little girl will be very well dressed, but still has very little else. DH and I are going to return a few of the outfits and use the money to get a few of the other things on the list of what is needed.

I am with you, I hate being the center of attention. So the game "guess how big Lisa's belly is" was a special treat. But really, all in all, it went well, and the people who really counted were there and I was glad to be able to spend time with them (headache and all).

I still have this crazy headache. I posted about it in the main forum. Dr. sent me to L&D today to get checked, and everything checkedout just fine - it's just a bad headache. So that's good new.

I am fine with exchanging information if you are. I have text messaging so that works, and I can also send/receive email on my phone, so which ever works best for you is great with me. I will send you a PM with my info. Hopefully neither of us will go too soon, but like you said, you never know.

To the Amazing Kelly: Thank you once again!! Amazing only begins to cover it.
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