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May 17th, 2010, 08:32 PM
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On the cesarean section board, we are often asked a lot, about members SPECIFIC experiences, having a cesarean - questions about the drugs used, about the procedure, about the process, about how long it took, immediate post c/s recovery etc etc..... sooooooooo

the 'C/S EXPERIENCE' stories are about a members experience with having a cesarean, about the pre surgery, surgery & post surgery elements of having a cesarean - these will often have a lot of detail about the cesarean section itself... the main purpose of these stories, is so members can read them, and get an idea of what they can expect, or get an idea of the ways in which c/s experiences, vary from women to women

'BIRTH STORIES' are about members experiences giving birth - they may not go into a lot of detail about the actual cesarean itself, may talk about the weeks before the birth, attempted/failed inductions, any labour they experienced, what led them to having a cesarean, what it was like once their baby had arrived, from a parenting/life changing experience aspect, the effect on any siblings, the hospital stay, breastfeeding - difficulties & successes, the first days at home...

Members are more than welcome to post a birth story AND the c/s experience story - if you want to post a c/s experience story, there is a sticky on top of this board, about what information to include & how to set up your story

Thanks ladies - it is great being able to read ALL your stories!

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