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May 18th, 2010, 12:50 PM
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Sure, I don't mind sharing! I tend to be lengthy with my posts, so I am always trying to restrain myself and not share TMI

After I got to the 5-1-1 stage, we went to the hospital. We were warned we needed to go earlier than later because of the pre-term baby. Even though they were extremely painful (had to stop and use breathing techniques, was crying (lol) and had contractions 3-4 minutes apart), a young resident doctor said I was not in labor because there was no cervical changes... I was still at 1 cm.

She told me I was feeling the baby's head drop and I could be like that for hours, days or weeks. While this was my first l&d experience, I knew this was total BS. She went ahead and administered Clenbuterol and Buscopan, both of which are smooth muscle relaxers, because she said it would calm them down and help me sleep.

Well, I was in labor and those drugs will not stop a labor that is progressing... but what they do do is slow down the body's process in a very extreme way.

The other factor was that even after such a prolonged labor, the hospital has a policy that they will not artificially rupture membranes to help speed things along. While normally I am not in line with doing things to 'hurry up' labor, I feel that after such a long time it was necessary. I even offered to do it myself if they would leave me alone with the hook, lol! They ended up having to do it anyway at 10 cm.

So yea, tocolytic drugs are not your friend when you are trying to give birth!
(PS. I hate sounding bitter because overall I had awesome care. This is just one thing that really bothers me)
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