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May 18th, 2010, 03:59 PM
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Hi, I am a lurker I suppose, since I'm due in November & it's too soon to know for sure if I'll choose a VBAC or not. For now, I come here & read, read, read to learn all I can. If not for this board, I wouldn't even be considering a VBAC, so I thank you all for that!

As of now, risk of uterine rupture, especially if I end up with an anterior placenta, is my biggest worry factor. I do have some pretty significant back problems, so I'm also trying to learn and weigh the pros and cons of going through labor vs. recovering from another c-section, while caring for a special needs 5 year old and a newborn. Anywho...I know the standard stats of uterine rupture occurrence, but am curious to hear of any real life cases, and what that was like for mom and baby. Does anyone have stories or other input they wouldn't mind sharing? Thank you!

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