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May 18th, 2010, 05:59 PM
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My mother's cousin had a uterus rupture but her story was a bit unique in that she was not a Vback when it happened. What happened in her case was she had had two previous births, both of which went great. With her third baby she went into the hospital in labor but I guess it was not "active" labor so her doctor (who was at home) ordered her to have pitocin as he was to lazy and didn't want to come in right away. I guess the nurses gave way to much of pitocin and caused her uterus to rupture, she kept complaining of pain that was not normal labor pain but they dismissed her. Her son was born via emergency c-section but by the time they listened to her and realized something was really wrong, he had already suffered brain damage. His name was Blake, she had him taken off life support and he passed away about an hour later. She can never have kids again.

But in her case what happened was one she was given pitocin (because of this story I refuse to be given it) and was given WAY too much! She sued the hospital and won as it had malpractice written all over it. I hope this story doesn't discourage anyone but that is what happened to her.
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