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May 19th, 2010, 08:14 AM
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Ditto what the others have said. All the stories I have seen involved either cytotech/cervadil/pitocin and the moms noticed an unusual pain that went on for hours before anyone did anything about it. I know every experience is different, but it makes me feel better to know that I can avoid the drugs and if I notice anything off, I feel more confident that I have a little time to get help.

Mandy, now is definitely not too soon to plan a vbac! Have you talked to your doctor about it? A lot of them will be vaguely supportive in the beginning, and at the end pull what we call the "bait and switch" and coerce you into another c-section at the end of the pregnancy. Or set you up with very narrow parameters to let you try. Something like, "you must go into labor on your own before 40 weeks and labor for no more than 8 hours or else you need a RCS." I guess I'm just saying, if I were in your position I would plan a vbac, making sure I had a provider on board, and then you can change your mind later. It's much, much easier to get a ERC than a vbac.

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