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June 8th, 2006, 09:05 AM
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Gavin-- dont like it
Madden-- dont like it but it could work
Brooklyn-- dont like it
Mackenzie-- this is my dogs name at my parents, couldnt picture it on a kid
Alexicia-- dont like it
Samson-- definitely no
Coleman-- this isnt a first name to me, its a last name
Mallory-- dont like it
Bryce-- dont like it but Brycen is ok
Phoenix-- dont like it, a girl i went to high school with his a little boy named this
Jersey-- i wouldnt ever use it, but it might be ok on someone else's kid
Jaxson-- like the name, im over this spelling...... but i wouldnt ever use the name because its way too popular
Wesley-- love the name on boy a boy and a girl... spelling Wesley for a boy and Weslee or Wesleigh for a girl
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