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May 19th, 2010, 02:40 PM
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Hope you don't mind this random non-homeschooling question.

ANYway, we are moving out by June 1 and want to buy a house by the end of this summer. In the meantime, though, I am going to have to stay at my parents' in PA and my dh is going to stay at his parents' in NY. I am SOO unhappy about this because our family will be separated, the kids will miss daddy, I will be living with my parents for a month or 2... just the whole thing STINKS. Dh doesn't want to get an apartment b/c 1) it would have to be a month to month lease which would admittedly be hard to find, 2) it means spending more money on rent, 3) it means buying another car (right now we only have 1) so I can live in an apartment in PA and he can stay up here and work until he gets a job in PA.

Sigh... SOooo... if you're still reading... I guess my main question is, is it even POSSIBLE to buy a house in PA (i.e. will a bank give us the loan?) before my husband has secured employment in PA? (He would still work up here in NY until he got a job in PA and could move in with me.) Would the bank do that?? If they would, would it be completely insane for us to do that?

I am SO stressed out about this moving thing and the possibility of living with my parents for 2 months or more WITH my 4 kids, until we can buy a house. Just trying to look at all the options.

thanks in advance.
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