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May 20th, 2010, 01:24 PM
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Thankfully, my son would rather do school work than breathe (although my younger will almost certainly be the opposite!). All I have to say is "Fine, we won't do school today. Go upstairs and play." He bawls his eyes out and says sorry a million times.

Some kids need a lot of parent led discipline and some don't. I agree that consequences might help or resolve the issue. (Not looking forward to that with my wild child #2. I'm gonna lose my mind when the hormones start raging in him.)

We're also doing R&S for English. It can be done (mostly) orally, so that'll help. SS can be done either orally or with dry-erase markers. MUS might be a good fit for her, but it's expensive IMO. (Although I'm still considering it.) Not sure about phonics. Until I saw ETC, I'd never imagined using worksheets for phonics. It seems like something that should also be taught orally. I like ETC, though. What are you using, and why will you stop next year? Is she reading well at this point?
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