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May 20th, 2010, 03:51 PM
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nearing 27 weeks now and happy to report that as of yesterday, baby boy is head down! I know he may change positions several times still, but to know he isn't STUCK in the position he was in like Claire was is quite relieving! Other than my pelvic pain and heartburn I am feeling good. Seeing my chiro regularly and have a prenatal appt with my midwife on Wednesday. calling today to set up a consult with her back up OB so I will have met him just in case but feeling good about being at home! Going back and forth and toying with the idea of hiring a doula.... we'll see!

the boys will be out of school in less than 2 weeks, so the next couple of months should be interesting 3rd trimester with all 3 kiddos at home!

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