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May 20th, 2010, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by mom2mande View Post
The first year I brought my kids home I had some issues basically trying to undo everything the teachers did. My oldest who was going into 5th grade at the time was the toughest. Things are going so much better this year. Hang in there! Maybe try some different curriculum but it could also be a little bit of her testing the waters also to see what she can get away with. My oldest son last year(2nd grade last year) had a horrible time staying on task. I felt like I could never walk away from him otherwise he would immediately lose focus. The 2nd 1/2 of this year I have had to crack down on it and make him realize that there will be consequences if I need to go put something away and I come back to him away from the table playing or something. He has finally caught on. He tries me sometimes but for the most part it's like night and day from last year. He is just very different from my girls who are so independent. They would rather just do what needs to get done and not move until it's completed. Where he would take literally all day to finish his work.
This is what I went through...bringing them home rather then starting from birth does present some difficulties, disciline wise. The first two months were basically discipline with my older two. they were 6 & 7 when I brought the home.

One mistake I did make was doing "School at home" rather then just incorporating learning into our everyday lives.

With my younger one...we've already started and she has no idea...she signs, can recognize her numbers but more importantly...she listens!! most of the time..LOL
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