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May 20th, 2010, 05:55 PM
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So because i want to be more present on this board i wanted to make an introduction.

My name is Jillyn, i'll be 23 next month, i'm married to Jay and we are curently expecting our 2nd child (i'm 26 weeks along). Our first, Grace, passed away shortly after she was born due to complications with her kidneys (she had cysts in both kidneys, we found out at 21 weeks, she was born at 32 on May 27th, 2009).

We had wanted a home birth with Grace, but with everything going on, felt compeled to be at the hospital "just in case" there was anything that could be done (and i was told i had to induce for kidney problems i was having). Well, i really wish we had been at home since we had a horrible experience and i feel like we were very much robbed...but we did what we had to do.

This pregnancy was not really planned...ok, it wasn't planned at all LOL. It was after i thought a bit and realized that my period was a week late that i tested lol. But even though it wasn't planned (we wanted to wait another 6 months), we are very excited and love this little one so much.

From the get go we knew we wanted a midwife and a home birth. I had been doing research beginning a year before i got pregnant with Grace and from doing that (and the help of my sister being all "crunchy") i knew i wanted to do things the "alternate" way lol. So i have a midwife and we are planning a homebirth the end of aug/beginning of sept. I am SO excited for it!! We are keeping the gender a surprise because we don't want any ultrasounds (we don't want to know this time if there is a problem with baby).

Um...that's all i can think of...i'm sure there is so much more to share, but i can't think of anything lol. If you have questions, i guess just ask away

The most important work we will ever do is within the walls of our own home ~Harold B. Lee

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