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May 23rd, 2010, 02:11 AM
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For my older dd (age 7), starting third grade:

Reading: R&S
Writing: Handwriting Without Tears
Language Arts: R&S
Math: Abeka
Science: Apologia Science (Astronomy and Botany)
Social Studies: R&S
Bible: the bible class that BensMom posted about (it looks great!)
Spanish: Classical Academic Press - Spanish for Children

Okay, am I missing any subjects? Which of these fall under English or should I do each subject different like I have listed (I took these subjects from the what your third grader should know). What are your opinions with the choices? I have looked at several review sites, your opinions here as well as the HS board on DS.

Oh and just a little about my dd, maybe it will help to know if these are good choices for us. We put my dd into a private K at age 4 because she was already reading and well above preschool level. She (so far) has always scored the highest on all state testing for each grade she's been in (out of her school). She LOVES learning and school and would do it all day if it was her choice! Her strongest subject is science and her weakest is math. The only problem she had it math this year was with fractions, it took her a while to understand this and still needs a little help with it. I think she's an even mixture of both a hands on learner and a textbook learner.

Thank you again for all of your help!!
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