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May 25th, 2010, 11:43 AM
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My little boogar arrived 1 week late! I went to my 40 week OB appt on Wed May 19th and was having decent contractions. She put me on the NST, we passed and she said my contractions might actually be early labor so she was willing to strip my membranes even though she usually doesn't b/c she knew how badly I wanted to avoid the induction that was scheduled for Wed May 26th at 4 am. So she stripped my membranes, it hurt but not too bad and I immediately got crampy and more contractions. She advised us to go to the mall and walk to try to get them more regular so we did. At the mall they got really intense, sharp shooting up my sides so I couldn't walk. We decided to head home to pack some stuff and see what happens. As soon as I sat down in the car they slowed down. They never really started back up and that night and all of the next day I felt like I had the worst period ever, cramping and spotting. Friday May 21st I woke up at 7:30am and headed to the bathroom. On the way there I felt a small gush and decided it probably wasn't enough liquid to be my water. So I did the 30 minute test 3 times where I would lay down and stand and liquid would come out. But still not alot. Around 12:30 while I was eating lunch I felt the big gush. I headed to the bathroom where I saw TONS of green liquid. I knew it was meconium in the AF so we started to pack. We headed to the hospital around 1:30 and it was just major gushing from that point on. I checked into triage and the took me pretty quickly b/c I was SOAKED!!! I was admitted and having contractions 5-6 minutes apart even though I really couldn't feel them. So when we got to the room the nurse and doctor told me that since my water was broke with meconium I would need antibiotics and Pitocin if my contractions didn't get regular. The gave me Vancomycin IV and Pitocin around 7:30 b/c I am allergic to Keflex. I was 4 cm at that point. My scalp and neck started to swell and itch uncontrollably, all my skin turned bright white and my hands started to swell up HUGE. I felt really weird. I told the nurse she said let me call pharmacy. I said ummm not to be a know it all but I am a pharmacist and I am pretty stinking sure I am having an allergic reaction and maybe you should turn the IV off. By the time she got a hold of pharmacy and the doctor to decide what to do my head was on FIRE and my hands were so swollen I thought they would POP. They turned the IV off and asked if I wanted Benadryll...I said no b/c I wanted to be able to focus on the labor. The Pitocin was started at a rate of 6 and then at this point she turned it up to 9. Around 9:30 she turned it up to 11. Now things were getting painful. But I was trying to get through it without the epi so I endured on the birthing ball! My parents got in from Sarasota around this time. I got to about 11:30 and I was 5-6cm dialated when things got out of control. I started having hyperstimulation and my contractions where full force back to back no break. At that point I was in so much pain and the babys heart went off the monitor. They all come running in freaking out threw me on the bed, put oxygen on me and turned the bed back to get my feet over. She kept trying to find the heart beat and couldn't. The doc comes running in and they find it but it is weak. First 50, then 51, 52, 53....Then starts climbing. At that point the doctor said given the situation we should opt for c-section. I begged please lets try and he said if 1 more decrease even slightly out of range we are doing c-section. I agreed. He also warned me the baby needs to be out by 7:30 am (24 hours after water break). So at that point I got the epidural, I was stressed and in pain. AND O-M-G was I so much happier. I know it isn't what I planned but it is what I wanted and let me tell you what next time I am going in and getting it right off the bat :-) So then I got some rest and we started to push around 3am at which time they turned the epidural off...OUCH...b/c of my baby was stuck on my pelvic bone. Luckily for me I had major gas so I kept tooting while pushing so I refused to push. So the nurse made DH and my family leave until I pushed all the gas out...O.M.G!!!! So I'm pushing, pushing, pushing and he is posterior trying to move in position but he was stuck on my gimpy pelvic bone. Doc says he doesn't think he's going to make it through and threatens c-section again. At that point my nurse goes on break and this AWESOME nurse comes in and puts me in millions of different positions to try to get baby moving down past my pelvic bone. We start to make some progress getting him down so doc says "it's probably 50/50 on if you are going to be able to do this but it's going to be really rough and you really have to work." So then basically from this point until 6:28am when he was born I was in EXCRUCIATING pain pushing. I pushed about 3&1/2 hours but 2 hours were really hard pushing to get him to stay past the pelvic bone b/c he kept sliding back. Then came the real fun...the ring of fire! Once I got his head out he had the cord wrapped around so we had to stop for a minute get that off and then wait for next contraction and then his shoulders were coming out which for me was the most painful part of the whole night it seemed like it was 5 minutes long of sheer ripping but it probably was only a couple. I tore open on each side of my labia and have a Giant hemmroid!!! But we got him out without going to the OR and he is a healthy happy boy! He is so strong when they put him on the scale he grabbed the side and they were trying to pull him off and everyone was cracking up b/c they had to physically unlatch his hand. Doc said he's never seen anything like that! He also has really good head control and can pretty much wiggle his way around his bassinet now to shove his face up against the side which is making me nervous. He also has been producing tears since birth so it makes his little cries even worse when you see the tears!!! I can't believe he is mine. I am getting to know all his little faces already and I can almost tell what he is going to do based on the look he gives me. The only problem we are having is he is super gassy and hopefully we can get that under control! Otherwise he is the perfect little man of my dreams and I can't believe he's here and can't imagine being without him!

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