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May 25th, 2010, 07:51 PM
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So after Sunday's episode, I was anxious for today's appointment. I told the midwife I was mad LOL She reminded me about groundlessness and understanding that I am not in control over when labor begins etc, so I need to just be patient and be in the moment. She's right, but it's still frustrating LOL

We talked a lot about why labor seems to start and then stop. She said a lot of times it is just because the baby isn't in the right position. The mother's body says "okay it's time to give this a try" but the baby just isn't there yet. She felt around my belly and said the baby has a lot of room to move around still. I've been feeling the baby roll a LOT, and she will be on my right side for a while and then move to the left for a while. I think this is the most frustrating for me, because before she was right where she needed to be, and the midwife had said to expect a quick labor because everything seemed to be perfect conditions. Then the baby moved Oh well.

We made an appointment for June 1st. If I don't have the baby by then, she said we might need to start thinking about getting this baby motivated.

OH! And my GBS test came back negative this time, so I'm just going to keep up my garlic and yogurt diet (DH is thrilled LOL) and we won't need antibiotics like we thought! So that is good news

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