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May 26th, 2010, 12:23 PM
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Today I've been busy getting the house prepared for us getting a new sectional and bedroom furniture tomorrow. DH came from work with a friend and picked up the old stuff however all of the bedroom furniture that is currently in use in our room is going to the kids' room and it is up to me to clean everything out and vacuum. This is typically no big deal however he knows and has known for over a few weeks now that I have a hard time moving due to my back/knees. They've always caused me problems but it's been to the point now to where OTC meds do not relieve any pain and nothing gives me true relief. I'm strong enough to move most of the things on my own but I know I should not be moving furniture with how I'm feeling. [email protected] In front of his friend from work he said "'now here's the next thing you're going to do if you choose to take on, which you will, because I said so, and you're getting new furniture.....'" #1 I did not ask for furniture the stuff we have is not that old, 5 years and is perfectly fine! #2 You know I am not beneath you do not speak to me as though I am your child and #3 I am not in the best health mentally or physically and you know this yet you keep pushing it. *Side note I'm on a verge of going into a deep depression which I've been really trying to keep myself out of and him speaking to me this way is driving a wedge deeper between us and making it almost impossible to keep myself afloat*

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