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May 27th, 2010, 10:18 AM
Tofu Bacon
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I got a phone call from the school district this morning . Quick history: ds was registered with the district because he was receiving special ed services. The second year was absolutely horrible and we had pretty much decided to homeschool, but let him finish out the current school year... then the first day back from Christmas vacation, he was physically assaulted by a teacher aid, so we immediately pulled him out of the school and withdrew him from the district, amid protests from the special ed department. That was in January, then lats month I got a call from the district to bring him in for a kindergarten screening, to which I told them he would not be attending because we are not sending him to their school. So, I guess we were "flagged" as potential homeschoolers So then this morning I call a call telling me that I need to submit a letter of intent. I informed her that we are not obligated to submit the letter this year because the law states that a letter of intent is required if the student will be 6 years old on or before 12/1 of the coming school year, and ds won't be 6 until March. She told me that it is "required" so I told her to take a second look at what the law says; she was like "Okkkaaaay..." and that was the end of the conversation.

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