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May 28th, 2010, 12:27 PM
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Sorry about the appointment. I'm glad it's not full blown Pre-E yet, but since it looks like it's moving in that direction, I'm sure it's not much comfort to you at this point. Hopefully, all the timing will work out well with the graduation. Doctors just don't get it sometimes!

My appointment was ok. I still haven't gained anymore weight, but I seem to be measuring fine. BP was fine. They want me to go for weekly NST's now though and I'm a little p'd off about it. I just don't want more appointments. There's no reason to think anything is wrong, so why more tests? I don't know why it is frustrating me so much, but it is. I'm also half tempted to cancel my u/s that they have scheduled in 2 weeks. I know they claim they are safe for the baby, but how many ultrasounds does one person need. I've basically had one every month and now I feel bad about doing the 3D one too. And every ultrasound has shown a PERFECTLY healthy growing baby. So why keep doing them? K, I'll stop venting now. I'm just afraid of what labor is going to be like with this doctor's office. They are supposedly very natural birth friendly, but I'm wondering if they just say that and then change the tune when you're in labor.

Hopefully, you will have some nice weather over the weekend! It is supposed to be pretty warm here - high 80's on Sunday and Monday. The last 2 days were in the 90's so we have already been in our pool twice. I have a graduation for my niece to go to tonight and then tomorrow I am going to a cook out at my sister's house - I think this might be my shower, but I'm not positive.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the next few weeks go easier for you! You're so close!

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