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May 28th, 2010, 05:00 PM
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It started a few days prior to his birth. Tuesday, I was 3 days overdue and really wanted to have him here. I went in to the midwives office to have my cervix stretched and was asked the normal list of questions. I mentioned that I had been having itchy hands and feet, the midwife seemed a little concerned and said that she wanted to draw some blood because itchy hands and feet are a symptom of Choleostasis (a pregnancy induced condition where the pregnancy hormones decrease the liver function of the mother.) The midwife explained that the main concerns with that condition is preterm labor (which I was over due already) and still birth. I got the test results the next day, Wednesday, that I was borderline for this condition and that the best thing for me and baby would be to deliver so the midwife had me come in for a NST. He looked great so they went ahead and stretched my cervix and stripped my membranes and sent me home with a tea, that acts the same way castor oil does only nicer, and instructions to use my breast pump when I start having cramps. I did as I was told and had cramps and a few contractions but then nothing happened. I decided on Thursday that I was done trying things obviously my body was not ready for labor despite being 3-4 cm and 60% effaced. I had my regular weekly appointment on Friday and they checked my fluid levels, they were normal. When asked about my itching I told them that it hadn't gotten any worse or any better. The midwives were still concerned. They told me that I really needed to deliver because there are no warning signs for still birth, that by the time I realize that something is wrong it would be too late. They offered me the option of breaking my water and basically told me that they could either break my water today or get medically induced on Monday. Since I had been preparing for a home birth breaking my water was my last chance to have him at home, so I decided to go for it. The midwife broke my water at 1:45 on Friday May 21st. My contractions started an hour later and continued to get stronger and longer. The midwife called to check on me at 5:30 and I told her I was having good contractions so she came over to get all set up. I ended up having him at 9:54pm. I pushed for a total of 6 min through 2 contractions and he was out, 10 lb 10 oz, 21 in long, and 38cm head. He came out with his hand above his head (my DH calls it the superman pose) and the cord wrapped once around his neck. He is beautiful.
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