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May 29th, 2010, 08:44 AM
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Well My dh came home last night.. and the "company" he is working for has pretty much told him... they will be working 7 days aweek... Now this "company" isn't even his employer.. he is working through a staffing office. So he gets no sick days, no vacation days no benifits of any kind.. (I am carrying the benifits through my work... God forbid if I have to go out of work.. I only have 12 wks leave.. no matter what!! Or I will loose my job, hence loose my benifits!!!) .. if he dosen't work m-f he doesn't get paid. So he starts working for this company and he is working every weekend... (We are trying to get ready for the twins.. so thier is only so much I can move and do on my own) When he tells them he needs a day on the weekend off.. They treat him like S**T! And he then has to deal with all the crap that comes with it. So yesterday they pretty much told him.. either work 7 days a week.. or they will call the Staffing agency and release him. He was so upset when he came home, we have barely spent any time since he started. He has only been off about 7 days since the week before Valentines day... Here I am trying to get two rooms ready.. one for the Nursery and the other room.. Trying to get rid of and try to find places for all the other crap that were in the "nursery".. cleaning out closets and making a pile for a yard sale.... alone... THIS SUCKS!! I am so PO'd right now. I jus want to rid there and tell this guy where he can shove his 7 days a week crap!!

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