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June 2nd, 2010, 07:26 PM
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1. S/N & Real Name: Irishgirl / Chrissy

2. Location: An hour east of Pittsburgh, PA but I grew up in and still love Maine

3. Thyroid Disorder: Hypothyroidism

4. Current meds/homeopathy taking: I'd been on 75 mcg of Synthroid for 9 straight years, but now I'm 13.5 weeks pregnant and they've upped my dose to 112, with retesting in 5 weeks.

5. Year diagnosed: 2000, the summer between high school and college. They caught it as part of the regular physical that my college required - I had just figured I was a lazy teenager! Once I was diagnosed, then Mom recognized the same symptoms in herself, got tested and had it too. A few years later, my brother also was diagnosed.

6. Something about yourself that you want others to know: I have known many people with thyroid issues - a good friend was hypothyroid but also wasn't converting T4 to T3, and my roommate and mother-in-law both had hyperthyroid. My roommate went the radioactive iodine route, and I'm not sure what my mother-in-law did. Oh, and years and years ago, our family's dog had hypothyroid!
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