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June 3rd, 2010, 01:39 AM
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Sorry this response is so long in coming. I came by sometime and you hadn't replied yet (and it must have literally been right before you did) and I have just been so crazy busy, but that should all change tomorrow, my last day of work!

I'd die with 5 days in the hospital even if it was free. I'd miss my other 3 kiddos too much. I mean I'd still see them every day, but it isn't the same. Most hospitals in the U.S. are private, but sometimes that doesn't equate to as nice as other times. Like the place I had my boys is way nicer than any other I've ever been to, which makes me miss it so badly!

I take it insurance over there covers everything. In the U.S. we all have copays unless you're REALLY broke and then you can be on the medical insurance that the U.S. provides, and in that case you pay nothing. We might actually qualify for that cuz we are broke, but we have insurance, so I don't think of applying. Though we are getting help now from the government cuz things are getting so tight around here. This economy is horrible

Yes, my mom will be here tomorrow, but I won't see her until Friday. She's getting in at 11:30pm and I'll probably be sitting here at the computer then, but since the kids will be in bed I won't see her. I'd go pick her up at the airport, but my dad was supposed to do that. Sadly though he turns out to have pneumonia and he's not yet coming down, and I haven't been able to talk to my mom since this turn of events took place so we have no way to find out any details about her travel arrangements, so I can't pick her up

How'd your weekly appointment go? Mine was awful...*boo*...

Hope you're still pregnant and I haven't missed everything

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