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June 3rd, 2010, 10:25 AM
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1) Do you plan on having anymore kids?
No, because Ry was so sick when he was born, & it scared the hell out of us, we decided to not "push out luck". I'm very happy with my 2 healthy boys!

2) Who raised you, your dad or your Bio-mom?
My dad. I lived with him until I was 15, then he worked out of town. I would spend time with my brother & his mom, or grandma's (mostly for meals, haha!).

3) Does your bio-mom have any issue with you calling your ex-stepmom, mom?
If she does, that's her tough luck. She should have stuck around (tiny bit of bitterness here!). She is the one that decided pot was more important that us. My ex stepmom was & has been there for me since I was 6. First boyfriend, first period, first brokenheart, etc. My mom tried (half heartedly), until my niece was born. Now she only has 1 grandchild (and posted that on FB for all to see, including my boys, who can read).

4) How did you and your DH meet?
We worked together in S'toon when I was 18. I guess I met him before I started working there, but I don't remember. I was 15 & apparently was a snobby cheerleader, haha! My ex stepmom worked there too & I remember when DH started there, she said "Oh the nicest guy started working with us, he is going to make a great husband for someone someday!". Then, when we were dating & were talking about getting married, my mom brought that comment up & said "I didn't mean you!!" Very funny!!

5) What did you do to cause you to need stitches?
Chin #1 - fell off my bed & hit my chin on frame, age 3
Forehead - fell off a garbage bin & busted my head open (trying to kill spiders), age 4
Chin #2 - slipped on a jacket at school & smashed my face into the floor, age 9
Leg - fell off a swingset & caught my leg on the things that hold it into the ground (that was huge, like 18 stitches), age 11

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