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June 3rd, 2010, 04:00 PM
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Name: Jen

Type of birth: emergency c-section

Why are you "here": I'm still angry and upset about the birth of my twins. The plan was to give birth vbac and all was going very smooth. I needed an epidural in place "just in case" we had to have a c-section, so I consented to it when I was 5.5cm dialated. The epidural was placed in the wrong spot. I new it instantly, but the anestesiologist did not listen to me when I said, "something is WRONG!". He decided to give me a test dose, it numbed my hands first and then paralized my diaphram. I sat up in bed saying, "I can't breath" and then passed out. He thought my blood pressure was low, so he gave me a shot of epinephrine! When I stopped breathing completely, they called a code which led every nurse in the L&D floor running into my room. The anestesiologist intubated me right there in front of Dh in the L&D room, and I was rushed for an emergency c-section. I am very angry and sad about the entire delivery.

One POSITIVE experience about your birth: The only good thing is that they were able to intubate quickly and save the lives of me and the girls.

Mom to Ashley, Jacob, Joe, Jace and missing Jaren, born still on 6/11/09

excited to welcome our girls born 4/30/2010 !!!

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