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June 4th, 2010, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Carrie429 View Post

Otherwise not much going on - the boys are both doing great though the "terrible 3s" are def in full swing - luckily Caden is so cute .
Love that statement. I tell Carrie that all the time... She's so rotten sometimes she's very lucky she's as cute as she is or I'd trade her in.

Kelsey I'm so sorry to hear about the suregon problems, you'd think that they'd have a back up plan in case the back up is out. That's terrible. I'm also sorry you feel so down about how long it's taking for your little guy to make his appearance. I was induced at 39 weeks with both my kids (for medical reasons), but I had no progression with either. Both times i feared I would go past my due date and I know that really impacted me harder than I thought it would.

LOTS happening here!!

First the messed up Carrie's referral up very badly, and long story short it came down to 2 options... take Carrie to a doctor who had ZERO experaince with her condition or the second was to wait until January to see someone who knew what they were talking about... I chose option 3. I called her current neuro 3 times a day to get her to fix it like she was supposed to do in March. It has finally been fixed, but it means that we have to drive to Dallas July 1st to admit Carrie into the hospital for 1-3 days... but the doc that will be supervising is supposed to be really good and it'll get us answers we've ben waiting for for a while now.

Also we had to rehome our dogs. It's getting so hot and our house just isn't big enough for them to be inside most of the day and then the bigger one stepped on Kate and hurt her. they're good dogs but we simply didn't have the time or space that they needed, and I hated seeing them outside in the heat so much (we did bring them in for the hottest part of the day and pretty frequently went outside and played "lets spray the dogs with water so they cool down". they really seemed to like that game. If it was up to me we'd currently have no pets with our crazy schedule but the hubby loves dogs, so we're getting 2 teeny ones (one is a teacup chihuahua)... We didn't just find any ole home for the boys, we knew the families they went to and they're each now sleeping in bed with their new owners and living the good life. And since the new dogs will be tiny they can be inside all the time without us worrying about injury to the kids and really I guess it'll work out for the better.

We just found out that next spring the Army will be moving us to North Carolina. I've never been, and I'm really excited. I'm hoping fort Bragg is near the water

We're currently in TX (hence me not getting any pages done)... I got to see Wicked the musical one Wed and LOVE LOVE LOVED it! Then next Sat is my dad's girlsfriend's birthday (we planned this trip specifically around those two events) but while we're down here I'm taking time to see friends I haven't seen in years.

Carrie is all about her terrible twos and to top that off, both kids are teething... FUN!! Carrie is getting her last 3 year old molar and Kate is getting a molar before her front teeth... weird first tooth, but it's right at the gum line ready to pop through!

"Disability is not a brave struggle or ‘courage in the face of adversity.’ Disability is an art. It’s an ingenious way to live."

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