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June 4th, 2010, 10:21 PM
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Hhhmmm, this topic might be better placed in the Breastfeeding/Formula feeding section of the heated debates.

That aside, NO SHAME! I always take care to be as discreet as possible but for me that does NOT mean hiding my baby and I away in a room where people are pooping. I don't eat sitting on a toilet and neither will my baby!
Now that it's getting hotter here, I don't bother covering with a blanket either. I do my best to make sure I don't move my clothing any further out of the way than I have to, and try to keep Ivy's head so she's blocking my nipple from view, I keep a blanket in hand so that in case someone walks by I can cover, but that's it. No hiding.

Come on down and join us in the heated debates.
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