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June 5th, 2010, 12:40 PM
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Wow, that's expensive for those L&D trips! I keep waiting for some surprise bill to come in the mail for everything they've made me do. Insurance has been pretty good so far at covering most things, but I'm sure they'll get fed up with it at some point. This week alone, I have another NST, OB appointment, & Chiropractic appointment. Next week, I'll add on another ultrasound. Hope this baby decides to come soon. These appointments are driving me nuts.

Hopefully, they'll come up with a more solid plan at your next appointment. You made it to 37 weeks, so that's a good accomplishment!

The picnic did turn out to be a baby shower, but I made sure to act good and surprised. We got some really cute stuff there and then my work threw me a shower this Friday. I was actually surprised at how good everyone was at getting stuff off my registry. We still have a few things to buy, but we did get a lot of the bigger items, so that helped.

Well, gotta get lunch on for the DH before he gets grouchy. Hope you have a good weekend!!!

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