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June 6th, 2010, 02:29 AM
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I'm jealous of that only 7 days comment, and less now, I could still easily go overdue, but

I am glad to be done with work. But I have to admit I was a little bit worried about not being there to distract me. It is kind of painful the waiting for me. I just so desperately wish to go into labor with each contraction (and there are a LOT of them) that I kinda go crazy when I'm not working. But the last day or two I've been a little calmer, cuz I'm kinda resigned to the idea that I'll be at least 39 weeks when I do go into labor, so I'm not thinking it'll happen in the next few days.

My hospital this time doesn't have visiting hours either. They say Vegas is a 24 hour town, so they should be a 24 hour hospital

You are ahead of me, so if it was Thursday afternoon for you, it would have been like super early Thursday am or Wednesday night for me.

My mom is here now, but sadly my dad still isn't and won't be coming til at least Monday, and I'm not expecting him then. His pneumonia that I can't remember if I mentioned in my last writing is getting worse

I'd assume you are like getting ready for that check-up you mentioned because it is now Sunday. How was it?

I'll skip the questions about the appointment since I saw you replied in my appointment thread (haven't been in it yet though) so I think you know why I was upset. But, today I decided I'd weigh myself at home...I haven't gained ANY weight at home in 3 weeks. This is clearly all being caused by the bloating. Which BTW is now causing all kinds of new problems...I really hope Tuesday's appointment is my last one, cuz I'm feeling over this.

Man you're a trooper, I don't want it to go slow at all, I've now accomplished the last thing I needed to accomplish (Rock's birthday just ended, 1:26am Sunday now, he's 3!). So now all I need to do is have Amber,

Wednesday seems so soon. Your dh'll be back and you'll be prepping for your section, it is crazy. I still feel like, since Idk when Amber'll come, it is a ways off (even if it is tomorrow, ) But I feel like for you it is soon!

I've always been a late night person, I just have to give up those ways during work time, work is over

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