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June 6th, 2010, 03:18 PM
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I hope dad gets well soon. I wish he was here because my mom doesn't have the ability to get around Vegas without us picking her up all the time, dad would come down with his own truck and he's more capable of navigating down here.

I don't believe in walking starting anything but a backache. I have plenty of walking to do to keep up with the kids, and if I add extra to it all it does is make it harder to keep up with them, so that plan will not be happening. I don't really think there is anything besides pitocin that'll convince her to come out earlier than she wants to...her schedule, not mine, if it was mine, I'd have her tonight!

I'm sure she'll be good for 3 days for you. 3 days. Seriously, so jealous!

I'm hoping I'm at least 2cm dilated Tuesday. Since she's only done the one cervical check and I was 1cm at that time, 2 would be progress at least I won't think it is good news unless it is 3cm though, I've never been pregnant (for one reason or another) very long after I was told 3cm, so I'd consider that good news!

I have regular BH pretty much every other day, if not daily, so if my midwife said that to me, I'd have a hard time not actually freaking out in anger. I hate the regular bh so if she told me I'm supposed to do something about them I'd be really annoyed. Especially since Friday I called her office and left a message about them, cuz they were super weird Friday, every 4-6 minutes and my back hurt with every one, and they never called back. Grrr!

Your mom must be so excited to be there with you.

I'm fairly certain I'll have my netbook at the hospital when I'm there and that there is interenet, so I should be able to post and let you know when I've been admitted, though I feel like "should that day ever come." I just feel so down at the end of pregnancy waiting. I hate the wait! I'm kinda excited for my Tuesday appointment (she'd better be there this time!) because I feel like since I'll be the day before 39 weeks she may discuss when she'd do an induction, etc. My last doc would have asked me at this appointment if I wanted one even, and let me tell you, today, Idk how good I'd be at turning her down, but I'd sure try.

If for some reason I don't have my netbook or the net at the hospital isn't good enough or something I'll have Amee post in here and tell you I've been admitted probably!

Is Joshua excited?

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