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June 6th, 2010, 05:27 PM
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I am pro-choice and I have taken a dog to get an abortion.
Before my brother died, he had a 4 year old dog he had bred numerous times (despite my begging him to get her spayed. she was a pit bull and he wanted to make money off of her). After he died, my sister agreed to care for the dog. I kept offering to pay for her to get spayed and my sister kept putting me off and saying "maybe next week." etc etc. Eventually I found out through my mom that my sister took her to someone's house to breed her with another pit because she was short on money and now the dog is pregnant. I immediately called her and put my foot down. I told her all of the reasons she should NOT be back yard breeding, made her look at pictures of abused dogs, and even called animal shelters to prove how many pits end up in shelters. She FINALLY agreed to let me take the dog to a vet to get the puppies aborted and get the dog spayed.
I absolutely, without a doubt, do NOT regret my decision to do that.

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