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June 6th, 2010, 05:34 PM
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I'm pro choice across the board. I prefer to have my pets spayed and neutered but with the one cat we had, we messed up some years ago. She was expecting when she was given to dh and had the litter (its how I got my Charlie Cat). The vets office told us that they wouldn't spay her until she was done nursing her kittens. We kept her inside the best we could but one day, she tore a hole in the screen and was expecting again. I mentioned on a message that we were planning on taking her in to terminate and I was raked over the coals big time. For some reason, we ended up not taking her in and she had the kittens and we found homes for all but 2 who we took to the shelter. I was 39 wks. pg. with my 10 yr. old at the time and I was a basketcase over it.
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