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June 6th, 2010, 08:31 PM
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Questions aren't annoying. Everyone has asked the same questions at some point in the past.

For 1st grade, we did the basics every day (reading, writing, math, and Bible). The other things were scheduled around "life". For example, I know we've got PT/OT on Fridays, so that means Ben will be super tired and not very cooperative. I don't schedule any extra stuff that day. We're usually home all day on Wed's because we have Bible study on Wed. night. We do a lot of extra work on Wed's usually (science, social studies, etc.)

Here's what 2nd grade looks like, for a total of 2 hours or less per day (we homeschool year round, but summer is a light schedule... this is Fall/Spring):

Daily: English Grammer or Reading Comprehension, Latin, Spelling, Handwriting, Math, Bible

Tue/Thur: Science and either Music or Art

M/W/F: History

(Health & Geography will be finished over the summer) If I ever need to drop something because of a schedule conflict, it'll be History. The reason is that we're using "Mystery of History", which is a cycling curriculum that we'll repeat 2-3 times before graduation. He'll eventually catch that one up, and it's not a prerequisite for any of his other subjects. We could fall behind by 2 years and still be able to get completely through it twice before he graduates.
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