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June 7th, 2010, 06:48 PM
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Aww I hope you feel better soon!!

I didn't go biking yet.. and its doubtful I will either
Weather has been iffy and its getting late here..

I Don't know how to do this dieting thing anymore..
First I was doing sureslim.. quite restricting but it worked VERY well.. Then I came on this site and I read about more of a lifestyle change vs dieting.. And I like the sound of that so I changed my habits.. and I can't seem to budge a pound...So frusterated..
I am thinking I may go back to the more restricting sureslim.. I have 1 1/2 months there.. out of a year .. and get to where I want to be and then maintain..
It worked before.. It got me from 172.. to 153 over say 9 months or so.. could have gone quicker but I am not good at it sometimes I hate myself and my lack of will power I really do..

Anywho can you kick my butt into gear to do sureslim as I have already paid the $800 (YIKES) and I have only lost 20 pounds..
It I could get to 140 and maintain there I would be THRILLED>


Thank you Jaidensmum!

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