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June 8th, 2010, 09:33 AM
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I'll stop in later and let you know how my appointment went, but Idk if you'll see it before you've had your little pretty girl! I'm so excited for you, you're almost there!

I have been kinda anal about watching to see where the bottom of my belly is lately cuz I just don't really believe in this dropping thing but all I ever hear is about where my belly is. So yesterday I noticed, after a swim session at my mom's hotel that my belly is lower, cuz I can put my fingers between the bottom of my belly and *(:TMI my pubic hair line and see that there is less space than there was just yesterday morning. And the pressure down there was so incredible for the rest of the night I started to wonder if maybe she's descended enough that labor is near. But so far no such luck. I really hope my midwife says something worth saying today

That must be so hard to have only seen her grandson twice. I know my mom would feel so awful.

Courtney never had any jealousy issues until Rock was old enough to crawl and take her toys, and then they were only minor, but I think it is easier to not be jealous at Joshua's age when they are tiny babies.

My midwife doesn't get the messages, they go to her medical assistant, and I don't think it is her phone, I think it is an office phone, so calling again wouldn't do me any good.

L&D is just as good (if not better) to talk to anyway, and they didn't just do the thing most places do where they auto tell you to come in, so I liked them better than I probably would have liked Anna (her medical assistant, who I'm not that big a fan offense to Anna's of the world )

GL if I don't talk to you again between now and the birth!!!!

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