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June 8th, 2010, 10:01 AM
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Believe in yourself!! I went through the same thing. I ordered my wedding dress based on the size I was at the time because that's what the ladies at the sales store convinced me I should do. They made me feel stupid for suggesting ordering it smaller, like "yeah sure, of course you are going to lose weight." But I knew I was committed to losing weight and should have just trusted myself. I ordered a size 14 and 3 months later I'm a size 7-8. I'm mad that I let them get to me and feel like I wasnt going to do it.

Anyways I think that actually gave me the motivation to do it even more. I wanted to prove to them like "I told you I was going to and you should have listened to me!" So try and channel your disappointment into proving that lady wrong! Dresses are easy to take in and it would be worth the alterations!
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