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June 8th, 2010, 12:04 PM
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Sick kid.

Monday was a trip to the specialist for Daniel after waiting 4 months for an answer. We walked away with more questions than answers, though.

Today is nothing... was supposed to have been a trip to the children's museum, but D's sick.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a movie and church, but that remains to be seen.

Thursday is a movie and ... should've been library... but now the cabinet people are coming to do some warranty work (the dishwasher wasn't installed properly in our new house, so there's water damage on the cabinet facing of the dishwasher area).

Friday is occupational therapy, getting my car fixed and possibly meeting with our financial planner... although he might have to go out of town.

Saturday is probably going to be a movie. Not sure yet.

School is school....... reading, math, handwriting, latin, and bible mostly... throwing a little geog, health, and art into the mix once in a while. Next week will be our last "real" week of summer school. Two weeks of camp, a week off, two weeks of camp, two weeks off, VBS, and then the Fall term starts. The off weeks will be very light on school work... just enough to give him something to do. He's already bugging me about starting zoology back up again. (He doesn't know it yet, but the classes I signed him up for at camp should be ocean-centered... they're first come/first served, so we'll see which ones he actually gets placed in soon.)
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