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June 8th, 2010, 06:52 PM
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He was over in the little corner raking whatever. The wife comes out, she mows the entire back yard. He is still over in that little corner raking. She put the mower up, she grabs a rake. She rakes the entire yard. He is still over in that little corner raking. LOL!! She puts all of the grass in a pile along with all the limbs and twigs she had gathered before cutting the grass. She then scrubs off the lawn chairs and finally goes in. He lays down his rake, drags a few concrete blocks to where her grass pile is. He put the blocks around her pile, mind you freshly cut grass. He goes in and grabs some little hand cutter, lighter fluid, and a grill lighter. He tries to light the grass!! No luck. He squirts all kinds of lighter fluid all over it. Lights it again, a HUGE roaring fire, lasts a whole 10 seconds and dies out. He gets out the cutters and snips off a few twigs, if you could even call them that, they were so tiny, and tosses them into the "pit". Tries to light it up again. No luck. Squirts more lighter fluid and tries again. Oh, now we have another roaring fire, ooppssss, its out already another one that lasted 10 seconds!! Snip off a couple more baby twigs. Try it again..... Needless to say, this went on and on and on for over an hour. He emptied a can a lighter fluid on all this. LOL!! I just kicked back watching this laughing all evening!!!!
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