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June 9th, 2010, 01:24 PM
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TTC #1 Grad's List
Please reply to this thread when you become a grad or when changes are needed
Congrats ladies!!!

TTC #1 Grad Mommies To Be

TTC # 1 Grad Mommies

Name: April (~April04~)
LO's name: Savannah
Birthday: Jan. 6, 2010

Name: Sam (Sam914)
LOs name: Michael
Birthday: Jan. 9, 2010

Name: Andrea (*Mommy2Camden*)
LO's Name: Camden
Birthday: Jan. 13, 2010

Name: Karen (karenwalter)
LO's name: Connor
Birthday: Jan. 22, 2010

Name: Jess (JessMitch)
LO's name:Mackenzie
Birthday: Jan. 5, 2011

Name: Ashley (ashnichole2326)
LO's name: Gracie
Birthday: Jan. 8, 2011

Name: Christina (gratzie)
LO's name: Jacob
Birthday: Jan. 19, 2011

Name: Karin (kbpeanut)
Gender: Baxter
Birthday: January 22, 2013

Name: Alicia (Hopingfor1soon)
LO's name: Mason
Birthday: Feb. 4, 2011

Name: Deb (LuvsPecanPie)
LO's name: Logan
Birthday: Feb. 13, 2011

Name: Bliss
Gender: Eli
Birthday: Feb. 25, 2011

Name: Christina (Pebblesbuddy)
LO's name: Kylie
Birthday: Feb. 22, 2011

Name: Liz (JustLiz )
LO's name: Desmond
Birthday: Feb. 23, 2011

Name: Dani (daneeleigh)
LO's name: Mason
Birthday: February 20, 2012

Name: Stefanie (denalibear)
LO's name: Hunter
Birthday: February 4, 2014

Name: Tonya (fromustobaby)
LO's name: Kaiden
Birthday: March 8, 2010

Name: Casey (Marina'sMommy)
LO's name: Marina Kinsley
Birthday: March 16, 2010

Name: Caroline (~Caroline~)
LO's name: Julien
Birthday: March 9, 2011

Name: Saira (ndsai05)
LO's name: Cavan
Birthday: March 18, 2011

Name: Aaron Nicole(Hoosier Kitty)
LO's name: Zayden
Birthday: March 25, 2011

Name: Shasta (Sweet.hun)
LO's name: Rylie
Birthday: March 18, 2013

Name: April (april_olie)
LO's Name: Jackson Howard
Birthday: April 1, 2010

Name: Carla (ca_dawson)
LO's Name: Alexis
Birthday: April 18, 2010

Name: Laci (LittleLady19)
LO's name: Ethan
Birthday: April 18, 2011

Name: Sarah (SarieP)
LO's name: Liam
Birthday: April 2011

Name: Shaylyn (shaylyn)
LO's name: Graycee
Birthday: April 2012

Name: Dawn (Blueeyes25s)
LO's name: Ashton
Birthday: April 21, 2013

Name: Krista (amazing_love)
LO's name: Camden James
Birthday: May 3, 2010

Name: Elissa (~* Liss *~)
LO's name: Nikolas
Birthday: May 14, 2010

Name: Rebecca (Dochas)
LO's names Twins: Adam and Grace
Birthday: May 2, 2012

Name: Becky (Rmaria9509)
LO's name: Liam
Birthday: May 15, 2012

Name: Gwen (KCMomma)
LO's name: Paige Catherine
Birthday: June 10, 2009

Name: Lee Ann (MommaLee)
LO's name: Julie
Birthday: June 1, 2010

Name: Wendy (MommyPoky)
LO's name: Josephine (Josie) Erin
Birthday: June 15, 2010

Name: Paula(pthree)
LO's name: Avery Mae
Birthday: July 28, 2010

Name: Tashia (Pixie*Dust)
LO's name: Brooklyn
Birthday: July 5, 2011

Name: Cheryl (cheryl_W)
LO's name: Isabella Lynn
Birthday: August 3, 2010

Name: Adrienne (junie22)
LO's name: Jackson
Birthday: August 9, 2012

Name: Dawn (sherlockholmes)
LO's name: Boy -Caleb Michael
Birthday: Sept. 14, 2010

Name: SabrinaH
LO's Name: Scarlett
Birthday: September 6, 2012

Name: Dani (DaniM0820)
LO's name: Jordan
Birthday:: september 13,2012

name - JoLina (jojo2bee)
LO's name - Matthew
Birthday - September 14, 2012

Name: Lyz (Lyz)
LO's name: Bella (Isabella Grace)
Birthday: Oct. 21, 2009

Name: Christine (chrisam143)
LO's name:Desiree Alexandra
Birthday: Oct. 12, 2010

Name: Michelle (mlyster)
LO's name: Conner
Birthday: Oct. 17, 2010

Name: Kate (jensma)
LO's name: Tyler James
Birthday: Oct. 19, 2010

Name: Heather (baby:mama)
LO's name: Boy - Jackson Wilton
Birthday: Oct. 27, 2010

Name: Amy (CountryGrl)
LO's Name: Marybeth
Birthday:Oct. 31, 2010

Name: Christy (HappyRRT)
LO's Name: Paige
Birthday: October 12, 2011

Name: Erica (hearts.Onfire)
Birthday: October 2011
LO's Name: Rowan

Name: Jessica (Mrs.Paradise)
Birthday: October 22, 2012
LO's Name: Landon

Name: Robyn (Belita)
LO's Name: Sean
Birthday: October 30, 2012

Name: Jacklyn (~momma*2011~)
LO's Name: Carter
Birthday: October 8, 2013

Name: Jennifer (cydonia1978)
Birthday: November 2, 2011
LO's Name: Kaylee

Name: Crystal (Crystallee)
LO's Name: Emmalyn
Birthday: November 20, 2012

Name: Jodi (Jodi0804)
LO's name: Billy
Birthday: Dec. 5, 2009

Name: Lynda (Elijah'sMommy)
LO's Name: Elijah
Birthday: Dec. 27, 2009

Name: Kimberley (KDD)
LO's name: Nathan
Birthday: Dec. 9, 2010

Name: Erica (hearts.0nfire)
LO's name:Darcy
Birthday: Dec. 12, 2010

Name: Jessica (FLgirl)
LO's name: Harlow
Birthday: Dec. 17, 2010

Name: Jacklyn (jacklynA)
LO's name: Caylyn
Birthday: December 17, 2011

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