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June 12th, 2006, 10:51 AM
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For myself, the names don't have to match, but I do like them to go together somewhat, at least the girls, just so that I don't have one with a "prettier" name than the other. For example, I wouldn't have an Isabella and then a Hortense. Not that I would have a Hortense anyways, lol. We have a long last name though so I gravitate towards short first names, which kind of makes them all go anyways.
We didn't have a theme in mind but after my kids were already named a friend pointed out that we had a Jack and a Gus, like the mice in Cinderella, and a Mia Isabella - that was an unintentional parallel

I definitely want to stick to unusual names. I think it will be sooooo hard for me to come up with another girl's name. I really like True but I think True and Story go a little TOO well together and it is kinda corny.[/b]

There's always Truly or Truth as well. Or Verity, which has the same meaning.

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