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June 10th, 2010, 03:55 PM
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Thanks ladies. Yes Sam she is interesting!! She has been changing a lot the last few years which isn't a bad thing of course but I guess I have started to realise previously that our paths are probably very different now. We haven't seen each other since I was 8 months pregnant - we don't catch up all that often as we don't live close by but perhaps also she was avoiding me and I just didn't know it !!!!

No mari you don't come off sounding superior at all with your faith! If anything I think you are quite careful when you talk about your beliefs! She is not spiritual in a religious way - more in a 'walking with the fairies' type thing which she considers spiritual...which is why I don't understand a lot of what she says on facebook...and why I'm not quite sure where she draws the line on the imagination thing with her daughter where pretending one animal is real is okay and pretending another animal is real isn't okay. But, feedback is good because most people would talk behind your back rather than tell you what they're thinking .

I do feel better this morning - still a little wounded perhaps because it really did knock my confidence, but I'll get over it!

She did have a natural birth which is fantastic but like you said, there are so many points of 'contention' amongst mothers!... I am lucky to be able to breastfeed, she was breastfeeding but quickly supplemented and then lost her milk supply. I know I am very careful and don't ever say anything regarding things like that - I could have let her know that supplementing too much too soon might lead to a drop in the milk supply... but like the way we give birth, I know that is such a sensitive issue that I keep my mouth shut because I don't think the advice would be welcomed, and would probably make a mother feel worse rather than better if she hasn't asked for help. But I guess the c-section/epidural thing is close to her heart so she likes to talk about it and probably didn't consider it might have hurt my feelings (and that's where I guess I could have let her know that - but I hate conflict).

Anyway I'm starting to ramble again... thanks again ladies. I probably wouldn't have written it all out today- I guess I was just caught at a low point last night right before I went to bed and I often write things out to make me feel better, otherwise I just lie in bed and think think think! (which I still did a bit ).

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