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June 11th, 2010, 08:47 PM
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Oh my dear, this story is SOOOO familiar. My DSS (when he used to spend the night w/ us), would become sick all of a sudden but when things were going to be fun, he would have a miraculous recovery. I also used to see the whole medication/hypochondriac, from him due to his mother who goes off the deep end on EVERYTHING! He got a small cut from a playground...she took him to the ER. Same w/a sprained ankle, that wasn't swollen, just tender, we're in the ER. Grrrr...

Not sure about the whole thing on his bio-mom not giving him the medicine.

I do want to share something w/ you. My DS decided to STOP his Rx w/ out telling me, he just stopped it & eventually caved & told me the truth. Which was scary, the Rx he is on, if you stop w/ out slowly decreasing the dosage, can result in seizures & death. I freaked out! We (doctor's & I) explained the seriousness in that choice he made, although he was influenced by one that is close to him that stopping his Rx would be a good idea. That's another story.

My DS recently decided to throw away another Rx at his dad's house. His dad called me w/ in a few days & asked me what the Rx looked like & we figured out which Rx he didn't take. My DS said he had forgotten to take the Rx and decided to throw it away. Again, I explained that he is to NEVER throw away Rx's (expensive). We also said "no more taking pills on your own, from now on we watch you take it & swallow it!" He used to be trustworthy on taking his own Rx's but the last 2 incidents I had to take over & go back to treating him like my 4 year old & administering the Rx's myself. Not that I think my 9 year old can go into the medicine cabinets to take an Advil w/ out asking, that never happens, but he has his inhalers (allergies, seasonal & bad), then another for MH & a few OTC supplements. I never had a reason NOT to trust him, but now I've had to go back to basics.

Perhaps he isn't taking them on his own? That's just a thought, b/c that happened to me & my DS DID get sick, upset stomach, headache, diarrhea & those were all withdrawal symptoms. I thought he wasn't well for the allergies (outdoor) but after discovering him not taking his Rx's, it all made sense.

Not sure if this helped, I hope you figure it out. And I have to say, unless the child is not peeing (which would indicate dehydration), a child w/ an upset stomach shouldn't be in the ER, at least not from what you're describing. I'm sure he was exposed to more illness' being there than prior. Plus, the co-pays for an ER visit (in my case $100.00) is insane! My child better be VERY sick to go to an ER, also...why waste 6-10 hours in the triage or an uncomfy hospital bed to get a doc who says "you're fine, follow up w/ your doctor in the morning & if it gets worst, come back"... DUMB! Waste of money, time & no child should be in an ER like that unless they are truly needing ER care.

Hope you get to the bottom of it all.


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