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June 14th, 2010, 01:22 PM
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That's pretty much what my doc said to the word. I think they would go as long as 2 weeks past though. Luckily I went into labor 4 days overdue and progressed to a 5, then stopped. That's when I got pitocin and all was fine.

My doc did everything to help though. She stripped my membranes on my due date and I pretty much went into early labor then. I walked for the next 4 days and finally went into active labor!!

I know how you feel about getting a VBAC though, it was so important to me as well and your doc should be pretty reasonable about it. When I was so miserable I suggested just doing a C-section my doc said "Well, we can. But remember how much you want that VBAC?? You've gone this far! Just wait a little longer!" It was great! They pushed for the VBAC too
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